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front coverTristan Wolf: There is never a dull moment in Tristan’s life! Abandoned as a baby, he was raised by wolves and speaks the language of the forest creatures. But at eight years old, he discovers the truth – he’s not an animal, he’s a human! Despite his wolf mother’s warnings, he sets out to find out how others like him live. He makes friends with a hungry coyote who agrees to take him to a farm where humans live – if he will reward his “kindness” with some tasty chickens. But Tristan’s mission leads him into trouble, and fast! He encounters a lot of nervous chickens, a worried ex-race horse, and a group of panicked pigs that will make his journey even more exciting.
This is a great piece of children’s literature for kids who love adventures! With its fun story line, and intriguing illustrations, this book is sure is to become one of your kid’s favorite children’s books! A Readers’ Favorite Finalis in 2013 and one of the Gittle List’s Top Ten Children’s Books of 2013.

A Planet for Tristan Wolf: Tristan Wolf is back! And this time he’s not alone on his adventure. After fighting with his brother, Billy, Tristan and his best friend, Red, run away… to another planet! They want to start over with a new life, in a new place, far away from angry brothers. But this new planet is strange. There are no plants, no parks, and no sun. And Tristan can’t figure out exactly why everyone there is a strange shade of green. But the strangest part of all is the way everyone reacts to Red. It’s like they’re scared to be around him! Tristan will learn that nothing is at it seems in this crazy, extravagant planet! Now he must must race to rescue himself and his friend, and get them both back to Earth, before they’re stuck on planet Orb forever! With colorful illustrations and the story line full of surprises, this will easily become one of your children’s favorite stories in no time! Tristan Wolf fans and new fans alike will fall in love with this tale of a young boy, his relationship with his family, and his wild imagination! Winner of a Honorable Mention of the New England Books Festival 2014

The Wanting Monster: Tito is sure that something happens to his little brother, Andy, around Christmas time. Andy turns into a Wanting Monster! He wants everything he sees—from toys, cars and even garden hoses! But this time, Tito is afraid, the Wanting Monster is going too far. He wants to stay late and talk to Santa Claus! Will the Wanting Monster carry out his plan? Will he get everything he wants? Will he ruin Christmas for everyone else? Find out in this amusing and charming story! The Wanting Monster, a new Christmas favorite for the whole family. ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH: El Monstruo Quierelotodo (Spanish Edition) Winner of a spot in The 2014 Gittle List’s Top Ten Children’s Books.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-8.11.18-PM-205x300 The Staircase on Pine Street: The Staircase on Pine Street is a story that will touch your heart with its tenderness, humor, sensitivity and page-turning narrative. Mariana Llanos has once again, crafted a beautiful story of family love to share with readers of all ages. Ten-year-old Lilly has to learn to live with her grandfather’s diagnose of Alzheimer’s disease. Lilly and Grandpa Leo have a close, loving bond but ever since he’s been diagnosed, things have drastically changed. Alzheimer’s is taking away her grandpa’s memory. Lilly feels that there is nothing she can do to help. Until one day, Grandpa Leo gives Lilly an important assignment: to find a long-forgotten treasure. Lilly— with the help of her best friend, Mei Ling— goes on an exciting quest wherStampe she discovers more than she could have ever imagine. Winner of a perfect score in the Free World Authors Blog 2014.


No Birthday for MaraNo Birthday for Mara: The day that Mara waited for all year long has finally arrived! It’s her birthday: a perfect day, the best day of them all. Oh, yes! Mara is sure that great things will take place today! But, instead, something strange happens. Everyone acts as if it were just an ordinary day. Mom doesn’t even give Mara a birthday hug! Have they all forgotten about Mara’s birthday? Will someone, anyone, remember it’s her special day? And most importantly… will she get the polka-dotted baby elephant she asked for as a present? Mara’s story explores emotions and feelings through the eyes of a child. A brief “The Way We Feel” section is included at the end of the story, where children, guided by a teacher or parent, can learn to identify some of the emotions that the main character in the story goes through. This fun book includes four coloring pages with writing prompts.

A superpower for meA Superpower For Me: Is my newest book, and soon available on It tell the story of a young girl who discovers she’ll ‘get’ a superpower when she turns eighteen. What can be this power that’ll make our city a better place to live?

Soon in Spanish too!




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