Sometimes I don’t know if it’s me who
woke up upside down,
or if it is the world who has turned mad.
I hear them talking about race and skin color
as if it mattered. Why, if I were green, would I be any different?
Where do fairies and dreams go when you become an adult?
How do I tell my children that fairies and unicorns
don’t exist,
but hatred and racism do?
If I could only choose…
If I could make it all better…
I’ll close my eyes, maybe tomorrow
I’ll find my answers.

Mariana Llanos

Mariana LlanosMariana Llanos is a Peruvian-born author of five children’s books (three of them in Spanish.) When she’s not writing she stares out the window wondering what would’ve happened if she had pursued a singing career, or if Hamlet hadn’t returned to Denmark. Connect on Facebook and Twitter


7 thoughts on “Absurdity

  1. Racism is a concept that I cannot understand. If people are judging others by the color of their skin, they are missing the beauty that lies within. We certainly don’t judge by the color of their eyes. Hatred? Where does that come from? Hatred and racism are heavy weights that are pulling down the blessings of living in this wonderful country.


  2. A sad truth in this world as it is now.
    Good post, Mariana.
    Small typo you might want to correct: you said ‘ if I where green’ instead of ‘if I were green’. A tiny one, but it’s such a lovely piece, seems a shame to leave it. Hope you don’t mind me saying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t mind at all! Thank you very much for catching that pesky typo. I swear I read and read it to catch everything but…
      Anyway, thanks for reading!


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